Best Garmin Outdoor Maps

best garmin outdoor gps maps topo

Garmin GPS outdoor devices can be complemented by a large number of topographic and recreational maps. Below are the main categories available for selected countries around the world.


Premium topographic maps including multiple activity profiles for pedestrian and cycling activities. Offering state-of-the-art ActiveRouting features, planning outdoor journeys using TOPO PRO products has never been easier. Just picking the activity profile will customize not only the display of the map content, but most importantly the recommended route for this activity. Including high detail locally-sourced topographic data and digital elevation models, with a large choice of named trails and points of interest (POI) destinations.

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Although built using detailed topographic data, the TOPO LIGHT products are designed to work better with devices with smaller displays and processors. The map is simplified to keep all essential features needed for outdoor navigation, but automatic routing is limited to the basic pedestrian and cycling activity profiles. Includes simplified height contours, digital elevation models, land use areas and select POI categories.

Garmin TOPO

Available for a number of countries, these topographic maps offer all needed topographic detail, such as height contours, mountain ranges, peaks, detailed hydrography, cities, towns, villages, selected trails and a wide number of POIs.

BirdsEye Satellite Imagery Maps

Yearly subscription service for downloading satellite imagery of the world. Imagery detail varies from country to country. This subscription allows unlimited downloads of satellite photos anywhere around the world, for the duration of one year. Internet connectivity required.