garmin connect iq review customise your fenix 3 or epix

Connect IQ Review – Customize your Epix or Fenix 3 Outdoor GPS Sport Watch

As well as launching the new Garmin Epix and Fenix 3, Garmin have also launched a brand new app store for these watches. At time of writing this Garmin Connect IQ allows Epix, Fenix 3, Vivoactive and Forerunner 920XT owners to personalize their devices with a range of watch faces, widgets, data fields and apps. This essentially brings new functionality to Garmin wearable technology by tapping into preloaded functions, Garmin GPS positioning and Garmin device interconnectivity.

garmin connect iq review

Connect IQ Review

This is the first time third-party developers have been given access to an open platform to develop apps for Garmin GPS products. Apps include unique watch faces for the main home screen of your device, personalised widgets and data fields that conveniently group relevant information, and applications you can download for additional activities that aren’t preinstalled on the device. Basically, Connect IQ is everything you need to make your Garmin smartwatch even smarter.

Currently there are several key third-party developers working on Connect IQ, building a range of new apps which includes apps to monitor oxygenation of key muscle groups during a work out, apps which give users advanced weather functions for current air quality and allergy information, a calendar app for forthcoming events and so on.

garmin connect iq best review fenix 3 data fields

Connect IQ – Data Fields

Customise which metrics you see on your watch while you’re running, biking or recording other activities using built-in Garmin apps.

garmin connect iq best review epix widgets

Connect IQ – Widgets

Get timely and relevant information, like your next meeting, the score of the big game, weather reports or stock prices, quickly and at a glance.

garmin connect iq best review fenix 3 apps

Connect IQ – Apps

Bring technology from your watch and external content together, creating new ways to use your device. From surfing to hiking to skiing, there is an app out there that will fit your needs.

garmin connect iq best review fenix 3 watch faces

Connect IQ – Watch Faces

Show your style with a variety of custom watch faces.

Accessing Connect IQ

There are 2 main ways to access Connect IQ, either through the main desktop web application or via Garmin Connect Mobile. If you’re already familiar with Garmin Connect then you’ll know your way around the smartphone application. If not then Garmin Connect (separate to Connect IQ) is the application to sync all of your data to from your smartwatch of Garmin GPS device. You can track your progress and training, make connections, and see where you’ve been on map. The latest Garmin GPS devices give you advanced data such as running dynamics, speed and cadence, as well as vertical oscillation, so if you’re training and want to to improve your technique you can really make use of these features.

garmin connect iq mobile screens

Once you’ve set up a Garmin Connect account you’ll need to pair your Garmin with your smartphone (see:, follow the online instructions to get started. Once you’re set up simply open the mobile application on your smartphone and you’ll see Connect IQ in the main menu, from here you’ll be able to navigate through the range of apps and widgets available. Connect IQ will wirelessly sync and update your device with what ever widget or app you decide on.

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Garmin Connect IQ Review Summary

Connect IQ really has opened up a great deal of possibilities for Garmin devices. I’m sure that all new Garmin GPS outdoor and sport products will have Connect IQ functionality. It’s also going to be exciting to see the Edge GPS cycle computers make use of this technology as it’s been a while since Garmin announced any new bike devices (Edge 1000 was the last). They must be planning to use Connect IQ for just about all of their future sport products. With more developers coming on-board it should help Garmin retain it’s status as the number one provider for sport and outdoor GPS products.