Acura Release a New Navigation DVD for 2017

Drivers of the Acura range of cars can opt to have GPS Navigation fitted into the dashboard when buying the car from new. This offers reliable and accurate GPS navigation with turn by turn directions and a database that includes millions of POI (points of interest) files with business addresses included.

But, being GPS it does have one pitfall, and that’s the fact that the maps are stored directly to the device as software, and as such can become out of date when new roads are built or changed. So how exactly can you perform an Acura Navigation Update – well it’s quite simple – you need to use a Acura Navigation DVD which is released annually by a company called HERE.

You can click the link below to get the latest DVD for this year which includes the most up to date database of digital maps.

How to Install New GPS Maps

Using the New Acura Navigation DVD

To get the latest maps in order to update your in-dashboard Acura Navigation system you need to follow these instructions.

  1. Buy a new Acura Navigation DVD from (use the link above).
  2. Once it arrives in the post you need to eject your old disc and insert the new one.
  3. The on-screen prompts will ask you whether you want to “update maps”.
  4. Click “yes” to confirm and the new mapping software will start to install.

Some things to note: Do not turn the GPS off during the map update process. If you do this then the install could become corrupted meaning you might have to take your car to an official dealer in order for them to resolve and issues that come up.

How Much Do Acura Navigation DVDs Cost?

Plus Benefits to Purchasing Online

Depending on what time of year you buy, the cost can vary. Typically for an Acura you will be looking at spending between $99 and $149 US Dollars. Additionally, you can pay a bit extra for lifetime map updates which mean you get the new DVD sent to you each year. New Acura Navigation DVDs are released annually and usually in September in advance for the new year.

If you are not sure whether you should buy or not then consider some very important facts as to why you should purchase, outlined below:

  1. Research has found that drivers who have an up to date GPS tend to drive on average 500 miles less each year due to accurate directions.
  2. Drivers with an updated navigation system will also use less fuel due to the cost savings associated with driving less mileage.
  3. Each year the Acura Navigation System Update DVD comes with thousands of new roads and business addresses updated.
  4. If you drive less miles then your car will not produce as many CO2 emissions in a year meaning you can reduce your vehicle’s negative impact on the environment.

Free Acura Navigation Updates

Is it Possible to Download Acura GPS Updates?

In short, the answer to this question is a resounding “no”. Whilst you might see websites that say you can download the Acura Navigation DVD, invariably these are pirate torrent sites that want you to download hacked versions of the software.

Whilst you might get as far as downloading and burning the disc to a DVD, it won’t work because you need to enter in a unique HERE customer authentication code when installing the new disc. You can only get one of these codes if you purchase official Acura GPS updates using the link at the top of this page.

Additionally, the websites that come with the promise of a free download are renowned for actually installing viruses on a user’s PC – so you won’t only be wasting your time, but will also run the risk of damaging your PC whilst attempting to do so – it simply is not worth it.