Garmin Tactix Military GPS Watch Review

Garmin Tactix Military GPS Watch Review

Garmin Tactix Military GPS Watch

Garmin Tactix Military GPS Watch

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    Military / GPS Features


      User Experience




          Battery Life



            • 50+ hours of battery life
            • Designed for military use
            • Ideal for outdoor navigation and orienteering
            • Useful for ultra runs due to long battery life
            • Easy to navigate through screens


            • Buttons can stick in very dusty environments
            • Running functions not as good as Forerunner
            • Screens can freeze

            Best Garmin Military GPS Watch Review

            If you are in the military or law enforcement business then you could be on the lookout for a rugged GPS watch that can handle itself in the field. The Garmin Tactix ticks all of those boxes. It boasts a high sensitivity GPS receiver, altimeter, barometer, 3-axis compass, and extensive tracking capabilities for precise navigation when you need it.

            Garmin Tactix Military GPS Watch Review

            “Being able to go hands free while still having access to accurate information on barometric pressure, elevation, and GPS position could prove to be invaluable in the field,”

            Garmin Tactical GPS Watch

            Tactix is waterproof to 50 meters, and can run up to 50 hours in GPS mode on one charge. It comes preloaded with tide data (U.S. units only) and Jumpmaster software, which could prove invaluable for amphibious and airborne operations. It has a stealth, matte black design with a curved lens and green backlight, so it won’t flare out with night vision devices or compromise the user’s position. Tactix can withstand even the most extreme elements and situations, but is sleek enough to be worn as an everyday timepiece.

            “Tactix packs Garmin’s trusted navigation technology into a GPS watch that both soldiers and civilians can rely on. Plus, the preloaded tide data and Jumpmaster software, along with its stealth design, really sets Tactix apart from other wrist worn GPS devices.”

            Plan, Navigate and Track with Garmin Tactix

            Tactix boasts a comprehensive navigational toolset that allows users to plan trips, create routes, record waypoints (up to 1,000) such as rally points, landing zones or potential campsites. Users can record GPS bread crumb trails on the move, can navigate to coordinates, along a track or route, towards waypoints, geocaches or along any other selected bearing. A navigation arrow provides clear directional guidance, and the TracBack® function can guide users back along a previously recorded tracklog.

            This function provides users peace of mind, knowing that they’re never “lost” and can easily find their way back in case of emergency or bad weather conditions. Tactix also features a dual-position readout, so users can view their current location in multiple formats, including latitude/longitude and MGRS (military grid reference system) on the display simultaneously, simplifying navigation for professional, search-and-rescue and recreational uses.

            Garmin Tactix Preloaded Worldwide Basemap

            Tactix comes preloaded with a worldwide basemap that displays cities nearby. Using the BaseCamp desktop and mobile application, Tactix users can easily plan trips and share their adventures with friends and family. Tactix is equipped with both ANT+ capabilities and Bluetooth to wirelessly share tracks, waypoints, routes, and geocaches with other compatible Garmin devices or smartphones with the BaseCamp mobile app. Tactix can also be used as a remote for the new Garmin VIRB action camera.

            Tactix Best Prices and Deals

            If you’re looking for the best prices available for the Garmin Tactix military GPS watch then we recommend buying direct from Amazon. Garmin Tactix has been available for some time and there are newer watches available such as the Garmin Fenix 3, which is also contains many of the features found in this watch. Fenix 3 is also available in a Sapphire version which has a toughened display and will survive harsh treatment.

            ABC Sensors and 3-axis Electronic Compass

            Tactix is equipped with ABC sensors (altimeter, barometer, and compass) to provide users with relevant, real-time information. The built-in altimeter provides elevation data to accurately monitor ascent and descent, and the barometer can be used to predict weather changes by showing short-term trends in air pressure. Users can keep their bearings the with 3-axis electronic compass, no matter if they’re moving or not. Using its GPS receiver, Tactix can auto-calibrate its ABC sensors and auto set the time based on location. For an extremely accurate temperature reading, not influenced by the wearer’s body temperature, Tactix can be paired with tempe, Garmin’s external temperature sensor.

            Review Your Training with Garmin Connect

            Tactix provides real-time performance data, such as distance, pace, cadence (sensor sold separately), and calories, helping users keep track of their progress during physical training (PT), or other fitness activities. Tactix is compatible with the premium heart rate monitor for heart rate info, and with the speed/cadence sensor for distance, speed and cadence while on a bike. The displayed data fields are fully customizable right from the watch.

            Garmin Tactix Key Features:

            • High-sensitivity GPS Nav + TrakBack (10k pts)
            • Stores 1000 Waypoints, 10,000 track points
            • Preloaded Worldwide Basemap – Basic
            • Barometric Altimeter + Electronic 3D Compass
            • Auto Calibrate: Altitude, Compass, Time
            • Wireless Sensors: Temp, Foot Pod, Heart Rate*
            • Water Resistant to 50m
            • Rechargeable 500mAh Battery
            • Modes: Watch 6 wks/Sensor 3 wks/GPS up to 50 hrs
            • High-strength housing to survive shocks
            • Chronometer includes alarms, chimes and vibration alerts
            • Includes both ANT+™ and Bluetooth wireless technology**
            • Non-reflective, scratch resistant curved mineral glass lens
            • Forged stainless steel rear case enhances ruggedness
            • All metal surfaces PVD coated “Black” to be non-reflective
            • Negative mode Liquid Crystal Display for stealth operation
            • Night vision compatible Green LED backlight
            • Jumpmaster software for skydivers
            • Preloaded Tide data (U.S. units)
            • Compatible with VIRB and VIRB Elite HD Action Cameras
            • Compatible with free Garmin BaseCamp software

            *optional accessories
            **Works with Bluetooth Smart Ready or ANT+ compatible devices

            Garmin Tactix Review Summary

            This Garmin watch is really targeted at military personnel and does have extensive functions for use in the field. It’s packed full of extensive features including night vision screen and Jumpmaster mode for airbourne operations. Garmin is well known for it’s fitness devices and wearable tech and has finally given soldiers a product which will be highly useful for them. If you’re in the armed forces this will be a great watch for you. If you’re only after a fitness GPS watch then we recommend buying a Forerunner or even the Garmin Fenix (now 3 watches available).

            Garmin Fenix 3

            Fenix 3 is the latest Garmin outdoor watch and has many features found in the Tactix (apart from Jumpmaster mode and non-reflective display). Read the Fenix 3 review to find out more.