Why are Garmin Outdoor GPS Devices the Best?

best garmin outdoor gps

Garmin Outdoor GPS are more than JUST GPS

Garmin outdoor navigators provide top class GPS positioning, supported by GLONASS satellites – so that performance is never compromised, even in challenging conditions. Additional, highly precise sensors enhance the navigation experience.

Garmin Products Can Take A Beating

Rugged and robust, Garmin’s outdoor range is engineered to be tough, so that you can rely on it in even the most extreme conditions. All of our outdoor handheld products are IPx7 water-rated, some ranging up to 100m deep.

best garmin outdoor gps

Outdoor-Optimised User Interfaces

Unlike smartphones, the high quality transflective displays of our handhelds and watches are clearly visible in bright conditions. And our touchscreen products support gloves, so whatever conditions you’re in, your Garmin won’t slow you down.

Long Battery Life

Our outdoor devices provide GPS functions for over 15 hours, and some for up to 50 hours. This – plus additional AA battery support on handheld devices and external charging facilities on GPS watches – could make a huge difference in an emergency.

25 Years of Outdoor Navigation Experience

Garmin is a pioneer in outdoor GPS navigation, and their very own features, such as TracBack®, have saved many lives. Garmin provides a comprehensive and reliable toolset for navigation and mapping, which has been thoroughly tested. With Garmin, you know you’re in safe hands.

best garmin outdoor gps

Mountain Climbing

Don‘t leave mountain hikes, climbing fixed rope routes, glacier or ski tours to chance, choose a reliable GPS that gives you maximum safety and guides you effectively to your destination even under extreme conditions.


Take time out from your everyday life, experience the beauty of nature or discover the diversity of forests and untouched wilderness. Thanks to the Garmin GPS device and Basecamp software your next trip will prove a perfectly plannable occasion – at home or on vacation.

best garmin outdoor gps

Mountain Biking

Experience the great outdoors on wheels. Whether you are burning up MTB trails, exploring those green lanes or taking on off-road terrain in your ATV, a Garmin GPS gives you the tools to accomplish your chosen pursuit.

best garmin outdoor gps


Awaken the explorer in you and search for treasure! A GPS device with Paperless Geocaching means weekends on the sofa are a thing of the past! Set out on your geocaching adventure with a Garmin GPS to lead the way to the hidden cache.